All students at Boston Higashi School Residential Program participate in Culinary Art Classes. The lessons for the younger division students are focused on “Basic Baking Skills” and “Fun”. Students learn how to use measuring spoons, how to crack an egg, mix ingredients in a bowl and so much more.

When students move up to older divisions, they begin to learn to fix their dinner.  They learn more practical and advanced skills, such as using a can opener, how to use a peeler, operating a microwave while following directions, using knives to cut ingredients, using stoves and an oven to cook.  Recipes are made by the Culinary Art Activity Leader and each step has visuals taking into consideration each students’ age, skill level and interests. During the summer season, our students also learn how to grill outside and enjoy cookouts. This provides them with the skills to be able to enjoy the season with their family at home or at parties. 

Students cutting and preparing ingredients in a kitchen

Learning to Cook

Students take what they learn in the group setting of Culinary Arts classes and apply them to functional settings like when living in the Brady Building. Our on campus apartments are equipped with full kitchens where students can cook meals together. Guided by a teacher, students are able to contribute to the meals for themselves and for their friends living together, better preparing them for adult services later in life.

Independent Cooking Skills

Culinary Arts classes are structured for large groups as whole divisions are together cooking in our state of the art kitchen setting. This allows for students to explore their culinary skills together. In the video above, after spending weeks learning how to make a specific meal, one of our students was able to prepare an entire dinner meal alone! We love to encourage our students to always rise to the best of their ability.