The Emergence Program bridges the span from school to adulthood, serving students between the ages of 19-22 as they move forward to adult life. This program offers a highly specialized curriculum that prepares students for graduation. In preparation, all students work in the community either in paid positions or as volunteers for 20-30 hours per week. Residential students live in a townhouse environment with their peers, taking increasing responsibility for maintaining their household living situation. They access community facilities such as libraries, gyms, supermarkets, and banks, and in general, develop a 24-hour adult lifestyle that mirrors life after graduation. In addition to working during the week, students continue learning in the areas of computers, art, physical education, leisure, social education, and academics, and they receive specific instruction in domestic and functional community skills.

All students work in the community either in paid positions or as volunteers for 20-30 hours per week.

Students working behind a desk for an off site job

Job Sites

Our Emergence Program prides itself in getting our students ready for life after they turn 22. A big part of this of course, is helping them to learn skills that can be used in potential careers. The best way to achieve this is with hands on practice with on and off campus jobs!

Emergence Program in Holbrook

Currently our Emergence Program is located in Holbrook, MA. Our program continues to grow in size and needs. In 2021 we expanded outside of Randolph to allow our oldest students a space of their own to fully take advantage of our transition goals.

In the Community

With the expansion to a new town, came a new community to explore! Next to our Holbrook campus is a large field with a walking track and sporting fields, where our students are able to enjoy Physical Education classes!

Day in the Life

  • Arrival - 8:50am

    Students arrive at campus, change to school uniforms to start the day.

  • Homeroom - 9:05am

    Once settled, students will review the schedule for the day.

  • Jogging - 9:20am

    Every morning starts with several laps around the campus to help regulate students.

  • Academics - 9:35am

    Academic lessons begin, changing daily based on school curriculum needs.

  • Art - 10:20am

    Special Subject classes like art help students with fine motor skills along with creativity.

  • Physical Education - 11:00am

    Along with jogging, students are physically active throughout the day.

  • Lunch - 11:45am

    Job sites include cafeteria setup so that all students can join together for lunch time!

  • Leisure - 1:00pm

    Structured leisure time helps students explore personal interests and develop independent time.

  • Community Trip - 2:30pm

    Community trips often vary but include going to parks, for walks, enjoying water play, exploring local locations.

  • Homeroom - 3:05pm

    After a long day it is important to review the schedule and discuss daily achievements.

  • Dissmissal - 3:15pm

    Time to go home! Day students are picked up or take busses home while Residential students return to their rooms to start the next part of their day.