Communication skills and language acquisition are integral parts of Boston Higashi School’s educational philosophy, Daily Life Therapy®. Here at the Boston Higashi School, a total communication approach is embedded within our educational philosophy and curriculum of Daily Life Therapy®. This affords all of our students, regardless of skill level, the opportunity to access various modes of communication (e.g. speech, AAC, gestures, etc.) to enhance their understanding, increase their ability to express themselves as well as help build interpersonal relationships. 

At the Boston Higashi School each division has their own communication teacher who works collaboratively with the speech language pathologists to support language development throughout the student’s day. In addition the residential program has a communication teacher whose role is to carry over the communication approach and language strategies familiar to the students from the school program to the residence. This ensures continuity between programs.

Teacher using core words with student

Core Vocabulary Words

Communication teachers lead weekly lessons focusing on building student’s expressive and receptive language as well as social pragmatics. Each month the students are exposed to 5-6 core vocabulary words that are used throughout the day in engaging activities to increase comprehension and encourage expression of the words in a variety of contexts. Furthermore, the communication teachers target each student’s communication objectives and monitor their progress alongside the speech language pathologists. 

Teacher showing core words to students

Real Life Applications

Students are encouraged to use skills learned from communication classes in their daily routines as well as for special occasions. Often times, our teachers will use real life scenarios like being at home for Thanksgiving to build their lessons around. Pictured above is our Middle School Division having a ‘Friendsgiving’ event at school to learn how they can use core words to communicate at home with family members during the holiday season!