Physical Education helps to establish an appropriate “rhythm of life” in eating, sleeping, and motivation to learn. The curriculum is comprehensive, addressing the development of physical fitness, and lifetime skills and interests.

All students participate fully in the P.E. activities offered at their age level to gain strength, endurance, agility, balance, and coordination. Skills are taught by age level with younger students learning to bounce on hopping balls and ride tricycles. Elementary and Middle School age students learn to use roller blades, scooters, pogo-sticks, stilts, bicycles and unicycles. Junior High School students learn various aspects of gymnastics training, and High School students learn yoga, to use the treadmill, and the team sports of basketball, soccer, and football. Students in the Emergence Program apply their physical education at off campus sites. They have memberships to a gym and learn to use the equipment safely. They learn to play golf and to fish. Some students enter community road races and use community biking trails or rollerblading parks.

Students riding bicycles

Physical Education On & Off Campus

We use all areas of our large campus for sports and activities, including our new pool and athletic complex, jogging paths, a fabulous sledding hill, large gymnasium, and a nature trail with science and fitness stations. We also use many nearby community facilities for swimming, biking, roller blading, bowling and hiking.

Sports Day

Every new school year always starts out with our first event being Sports Day. This event is geared to introducing parents both new and old with the concepts of physical education being implemented daily at Boston Higashi. Students perform activities that they have been learning and practicing in Physical Education classes. On the day of the event, parents are not only invited to view but are encouraged to get on the field and participate in the games! This allows for students to show their parents how hard they’ve been working but also allows for parents the opportunity to learn how to engage with their child in outdoor games.