The Boston Higashi School operates year round 24/7 and utilizes the methodology of Daily Life Therapy®. The three main programs are the Day Program, the Emergence Program and the Residential Program. In order to help students maintain structure and routines, the school also offers vacation programs during each of the school vacations four times a year.

Special subjects, including visual arts, music, communication and physical education, are taught to develop creativity, express artistic abilities and build stamina. Special subjects are such an important part of educating the “whole child” here at Higashi.

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Day Program

The Day Program at the Boston Higashi School operates 217 days a year, and utilizes the methodology of Daily Life Therapy® to deliver all of its educational services through a holistic, group dynamic program. Students develop an inner sense of well-being and confidence which propels their curiosity about the world around them through clear structure, a high level of engaging activities, and spontaneous fun.

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Residential Life

Residential life is a blend of the nurturing, comforting and caring aspects of home, complemented by a 24-hour educational environment. Although the residential setting is different from the school, it implements the same structure and methodologies under Daily Life Therapy® to promote generalization across all settings.

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Emergence Program

The Emergence Program bridges the span from school to adulthood, serving students between the ages of 19-22 as they move forward to adult life. This program offers a highly specialized curriculum that prepares students for graduation. In preparation, all students work in the community either in paid positions or as volunteers for 20-30 hours per week.

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Special Subjects

Special Subjects are a major component of a well-rounded education for all students, not just those on the Autism Spectrum. At Higashi, art, music, communication and physical education provide a chance for all students to develop as learners, challenge themselves, build self-esteem, and acquire a focus that often carries over into classroom learning.

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Special Opportunities

The study of instrumental music develops musicianship and skill in fine-motor control and coordination. Students who demonstrate particular talent and interest have the opportunity to join the Jazz Band or Chorus Group. All students participate in performances on the local, national or international level.

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Vacation Programs

Vacation programming is offered for current students during seasonal school vacations to help maintain familiar routines while participating in recreational, skill-building activities. Students engage in leisure, athletics, creative arts, and community activities embedded in the Daily Life Therapy® continuum. Student participation is determined by a student’s IEP, or can be privately funded by parents for sessions of their choosing.

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