We understand that many families are in need of extra help with their children outside of school hours and would like to share our Daily Life Therapy® resources to anyone that can benefit from them. You can find visuals, videos, activities, etc., to do at home. If you want to learn more about anything on this page, please contact the school.

Higashi at Home for Parents

Higashi at Home for Parents provides fun, educational resources for students and their families.

“Today’s Schedule” is a daily, pre-built lesson plan with six activities that students and families can enjoy together. Students of all ages will enjoy the educational videos, books, music, and activities. You can use the built-in checklist feature to check off activities on your device, or you can use a premade, printable schedule available for each episode.

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Autism Parenting: How to Create A Sensory Room for Kids with Autism

Sensory rooms for children with Autism do not always require a large space. Find out more information about the main items that help children with autism self regulate and destress.

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Autism Speaks Resource Guide

The Autism Speaks Resource Guide provides a searchable listing of programs, services, and activities targeted to people on the autism spectrum.

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Guide to Guardianship in Massachusetts

It is expected that most students at Higashi will need guardianship at age 18. This is because in Massachusetts, upon turning 18, a person is considered cognitively competent and able to make decisions for him/herself. If someone is at risk of harm or exploitation due to intellectual limitations, a guardian needs to be appointed. If no guardian is appointed the court will appoint one.

Read more about the process here.

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Guide to Transition to Adult Services

At Boston Higashi School, Transition Services encompass the educational and vocational programming leading up to when a student turns 22, graduates from the Emergence Program and enters Services. Once a part of Adult Services, programming is not an “entitlement”, but rather, determined on an individual basis. Adult Services will be different for each student from Higashi, tailored to the individual and taking many things into consideration. Arriving there, however, consists of the same progression and steps, usually beginning before age 16. Find out more about Boston Higashi Transition Services here.

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Boston Higashi School has partnered with Vidigami to share photos with families of Higashi students. Vidigami is a private photo sharing platform that allows the Boston Higashi Family (students, parents, faculty, staff) to collect, organize, share and download our many photos of Higashi life in one centralized location. Parents will receive an invite to the platform upon joining the school where you will gain access to all photos of events that your child takes part in annually.

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Guide to Dental Care for Children with Autism

Children with autism are likely to suffer many more oral health problems, including tooth decay, gum disease and dental injury, than children without autism. Many autistic kids have sensory sensitivities that make it difficult to maintain an effective oral hygiene routine. These issues may also make visits to the dentist challenging.

Guide to Dental Care