Boston Higashi has several annual traditions. These annual events are planned throughout the year and most are designed for the enjoyment of the whole family. Parents, guardians and family members are encouraged to join their child. These events give our students the opportunity to showcase what they have learned throughout the year.

Dr. Kiyo Kitahara describes it best:
“At Boston Higashi School we have a system for spontaneous learning in advance, what is to be studied, and also for revision of what has been studied. There is also three-dimensional learning through the public exhibition of our activities which is part of our school activities. These are all forms of learning through experience.”  Placing them in order of when they happen during the school year is the best option.

Annual Gala | October

The Annual Gala is Boston Higashi’s critical fundraising event of the year held at the Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy. Friends, parents, staff, along with local business and corporate leaders come together for a night of great food and the opportunity to participate in both “live” and “silent” auctions throughout the evening. The night is typically kicked off with a captivating performance by the Boston Higashi Jazz Band. After a delicious dinner, the night ends with a spirited “live” Auction.

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Sports Day | October

This is the first major student involved school event of the school year. It is an opportunity for the students and teachers to enhance their relationships, coordinate and adjust themselves to a new environment, and to help organize classes. Parent participation is also planned, and it is a very good opportunity for the parents of new students to see their child’s progress since enrollment. Parents and children will participate in many athletic activities such as relay races, tug of war and dancing. Families will also enjoy a picnic lunch.

Winter Music Festival | December

Elementary through High School divisions participate in this music extravaganza! This event is a “mini concert” during which participants will enjoy and appreciate each other’s performances. Student’s have the opportunity to display their musical achievements and are very excited to perform in front of an audience.

Spring Dance (EP Only) | April

This is the biggest event of the year for the Emergence Program division. Throughout the year, the goal for these students is to acquire proper social skills from participation in age-appropriate community activities. These experiences will further prepare the students for their transition in the future. The Formal Dance is an opportunity for the students to share their achievements with family and friends.

Road Race | May

The Higashi Road Race is an excellent opportunity for the students to practice the necessary skills to join in community road races. Our race is fast paced, and with all the cheering from staff, siblings, parents, and guardians the students push themselves to beat their own past performances. There is also a one-lap race for all parents, guardians and siblings.

Graduation | June

The graduating students of the Emergence Program are honored in a Graduation Ceremony. Following the ceremony, the parents of Emergence Program Students will join their sons and daughters and enjoy a casual meal. The purpose of the reception is to recognize the graduating students of the Emergence Program. Parents of the graduating students will have an opportunity to take the podium and share their child’s journey with the students and their guests.

Annual Celebration | June

Annual Celebration is a special yearly event that highlights the collective sense of pride and accomplishment embodied by both students and staff within the Boston Higashi School. The event serves as an exhibition of student skill and independence that emphasizes the students growth acquired through daily practice and guidance throughout the year. The event shows how both students and staff truly turn the word “impossible” into “I’m Possible!

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Residential Annual Family Day | July

Family Day is a day to celebrate students and parents togetherness through a series of fun activities.The residential staff, students, parents and guardians are invited to a cookout party, outside concert, play in the field, water play and more. It is a time for all to bond and have fun.

Bon Dance | August

Bon Dance is a very traditional Japanese event. Through this event, families and students are able to experience and enjoy the cultural diversity that is part of our school. Everybody is welcome! There is traditional Japanese dancing, and many different booths and games for the students and their families to participate in. This is the last school event for the students to celebrate their good work throughout the year, and both students and parents enjoy themselves in a relaxed atmosphere.