At Higashi we focus on what our students can do, not what they cannot do. With this philosophy, we encourage our students to explore their interests. We have learned that some common interests are dancing, singing and playing instruments. All students participate in performances throughout the school year, allowing every student to test different interests. Any students who demonstrate particular talent and interest will have the opportunity to join groups such as our Jazz Band or Chorus Group!


Throughout the year, the goal for these students is to acquire proper social skills in an enjoyable environment for participation in age-appropriate community activities. Several dances are organized throughout the year including the Halloween Costume Party, the Winter Dance, the Valentine’s Day Dance, and finally culminating into the Annual Formal Dance.  The Formal Dance is an opportunity for the students to experience a prom-like atmosphere at an off-campus venue and to share their achievements with their family and friends. This event is preceded by the Annual Day of Beauty, where our female students are provided with a salone-type atmosphere to share with their mother’s, or other family members, in order to get ready for the Formal Dance that evening.

Jazz Band

For each individual student, music appreciation is fostered and developed through the rich music education program supported by the school wide performance musical events. During “Winter Music Festival” and “Annual Celebration” and various other occasions students display their musical achievements. The BHS jazz band, composed of middle school, high school and emergence students across the entire autism continuum has played in community establishments and events. Performing in the community is an ideal opportunity for the students to demonstrate their talent while improving their self- esteem and confidence. Through the music education program the students can thoroughly enjoy, participate and contribute to community life in the same way as their peers and siblings. Student’s have the opportunity to learn how to play the trumpet, trombone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, piano and bass guitar.


Human voice has been the most attractive instrument since ancient times. Everyone’s way of expression is different but Higashi Chorus Group’s way of expression is through singing and making beautiful music with each other. Twenty years ago, the Higashi chorus group was created by several students who were especially talented in their performance skills. Their special talent for creating harmony attracted audiences at special occasions such as the Winter Music Festival and the Annual Celebration. All students have a chance to express their special talent of singing daily in the music room. The chorus group meets once a week in the music room to practice for upcoming special events. We look forward to seeing who the future members of our talented chorus group are!