Welcome to our Forms and Policies page. We are pleased to offer online registration for recurring events, as well as printable PDFs for many of our current forms.

Please check back often, as we will be expanding our online registration offerings for future events!

Education Office / Health Forms

Annually before the start of the new school year, the Education Office sends an email to current parents to verify student information that might have changed during the year

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Parent/Guardian Training

Several times a year parent/guardian training is offered to parents/guardians of current students. We ask parents to pre-register for those training sessions to ensure appropriate resources are setup.

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Home Visits & Re-entry Survey

Home to school communication is extremely important to maintain consistency for our residential students. To facilitate that communication, we ask that parents/guardians fill out a questionnaire detailing the time spent with their child.

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Vacation Program Registration

Our goal is to work with families and assist our students to generalize skills beyond the Boston Higashi School campus. In order to help students maintain structure and routines, the school offers vacation programs during each school vacation. This vacation program is approved by Randolph Public Health and run by BHS staff. Pre-registration is required for your child to attend the vacation program. Students do not have to attend every day of the vacation program and will have the option to purchase lunch.

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School Policies

Information regarding delayed opening and early dismissal at Boston Higashi, due to inclement weather, can be found here.

Boston Higashi is committed to creating and preserving a school climate that promotes safety. More information regarding our anti-bullying plan can be found here.

Safety of all students and staff remains our top priority. Staff and students are trained on what to do during a fire or threatening event that happens on campus. More information can be found in the Daily Life Therapy® Guidelines book.

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Guidelines Book

Current parents/guardians receive a copy of the Daily Life Therapy® Guidelines book each year. The Daily Life Therapy® Guidelines book contains important goals, school policies & procedures, calendars & schedules and other important information about Boston Higashi School.

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