Boston Higashi School is invested in helping parents support learning at home. Research regarding the effects of family involvement on educational outcomes has shown that parent involvement makes a difference in children’s achievement. Our founder, Dr. Kitahara was a firm believer in ensuring that the parents and teachers of each child work in solidarity to support the unique learning style of every student. Communication and collaboration are essential.

In order to facilitate the home-school connection, a variety of interactive parent trainings are offered at Boston HIgashi School. These programs are conducted in a variety of formats including panel presentations, workshops, hands-on trainings and participatory events. Parents are valuable allies and increasing and enhancing our partnership with them is a goal Boston Higashi School is committed to achieving.

Upcoming Parent Training

Hands On Training

March 29, 9:30am-12:00pm

Please join us on March 29th for a hands-on parent training from 9:30-12:00. Space is limited, so please sign up early! Each division will have a focus specifically for the needs of that age group.

*EP Parents: 
         Location: Holbrook Campus (Not in Randolph)
         Topic: Transitions, Job Sites *Some parents may join off campus job sites*
*OHS/YHS Parents: 
                   Location: Higashi Randolph Campus
                   Topic: Vocational Activities on campus
*MS/EL Parents:
                    Location: Higashi Randolph Campus
                   Topic: Basic Postures & Structured Activities
* ALL Parents: please wear comfortable clothing as you will be participating with your child.
This is a great opportunity for parents to see what is happening each and every day here at school. Please contact your division director if you have any specific questions.