Board Positions and Details

Parent Association Executive Board

Dear Parents

Oh how I have missed our formal and informal times getting together throughout this past year with all of you, our  awesome parents and guardians! The Parent Association has been a long standing and valuable part of our school since its inception. Parent participation and parent voice is an integral part of the Higashi experience. Its mission extends beyond fundraising to support the school. It is the vehicle for parent collaboration and connections. The Parent Association has helped parents learn about other resources for our students and families. Parents have shared valuable insights as their autistic children grow through  the ages and stages from early childhood to young adulthood. I have had the pleasure to watch new friendships form and transform the arduous journey of parenting a child with autism.

Covid has forced us to pause or amend so many of our typical times. Sadly the Parent Association was no exception. We are more than ready to get back in gear and develop a plan to renew and re-engage the Parent Association. Our hope is to be able to get back in person together with parents in all the divisions. I miss our collective smiles, handshakes and hugs!

Please visit our website for more specific information about the Officers roles and responsibilities. Officers are elected by the membership. There are bylaws approved by the Board of Directors. Please consider these opportunities to serve the mission of our school.

Questions? Want more information? Please contact Deborah Donovan or Maryellen Paradise. We would love to hear from you.  Parents are true partners that enable our school to be the very best it can be.


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