Continuing Adult Education Program (CAEP)

Welcome Alumni! 

We're pleased to announce our new Continuing Adult Education Program (CAEP) - Boston Higashi School's initiative to provide opportunities for our former students to utilize our facilities for continuing education, socialization, and fun. 

Check back frequently for application information - Our 6-session programs generally take place in the Fall, and Winter/Spring, and we also offer a "Summer Fun" session on one Saturday during the summer months.

The program is supported by the Mitsui USA Foundation, Flatley Foundation, and Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York, Inc.

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Another successful season, CAEP Winter/Spring 2022 Sessions, Completed!

The Winter/Spring 2022 sessions of the Continuing Adult Education Program (CAEP) ended on March 26th on a positive note with both participants’ families and caretakers expressing gratitude for the program’s impact. 

This semester, thirty-seven alumni registered, which was the highest number for online sessions since we started the online program in June, 2020.

One of the highlights for this semester was the integration of elements of the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Zones of Regulation (ZOR) in all lessons. With our instructors’ guidance, participants tried hard to identify their feelings and what zones they were in at the time. Many visual/auditory supports, such as feeling icons/charts, videos, and music, were utilized during each session to maximize on the participants’ learning. 

Notably, most of the participants still remember what they had learnt at BHS before graduation and responded very well to Higashi methods, such as “basic postures.” All the CAEP instructors and committee members were pleased to see the alumni working so hard and enjoying learning. Our overarching goal is to provide the best learning opportunities so that our alumni can have productive lives. 

This semester, the CAEP Committee focused on closer communication and collaboration with participants, parents and caretakers before/during/after each session. This helped us learn more about the participants and their learning needs. We will be more than happy to make an extra effort to maintain great communication with them.

We truly appreciate the following donors who continue to support the program:

  • Mitsui U.S.A. Foundation
  • Flatley Foundation
  • Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York, Inc.

Their generous and continued support certainly makes a HUGE difference in the alumni’s quality of life.

Information on plans for summer and Fall 2022 will be posted in June. Please stay connected with us!

CAEP Committee Members,

Dr. John Maina, Yumiko Mori, Kariuki Muriithi, and Hilary Holmes