Parent Trainings

At Boston Higashi School we know that being a parent of a child with autism can be tough sometimes. That's part of why we offer Parent Training courses; to help you as a parent to better understand the methods we use here at the school to better the lives of your student. Each course will focus on a different subject or area of focus. Sometimes understanding our Daily Life Therapy can be tough, but know that we are always here to help!

March Parent Training:
Higashi Art Exhibition
Have you ever tried to take your child to an art gallery? Do you find it difficult to engage your child in these types of activities? Please come to the “Higashi Art Exhibition” - we will be having a practical and hands-on discussion with “tips” and “activities” that you will be able to use with your child right away. You will then have the opportunity to “tour” the art exhibition along with your child and be supported by the staff. This is a fun filled hands-on training during the school day. Please RSVP by Friday, March 20th, so we can prepare your child for the event.        March 25, 9:30am
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