Visual Art

Art builds self-esteemThe Visual Arts foster self-expression, creativity and an appreciation of the beauty of art and our world. The process of creating leads to a greater awareness of the creations of others, and to a heightened sensitivity to one’s surroundings. Students develop technical skills in 2-D and 3-D projects, working in various media such as drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, and working with clay in hand building and wheel thrown pottery. The fine  and gross-motor hand skills of force, pressure, pinching, and grasping required for art projects also help students to gain muscle strength, dexterity, visual-motor and bilateral coordination skills.

Making ceramics in our vocational programArt challenges students to develop individually by building their persistence, care, and choice-making ability, while enhancing their feelings of self-esteem and creativity. Students have the opportunity to be recognized as artists and participate in community art exhibits with other local artists. They also sell handmade ceramics, soaps, and student-designed T-shirts at the “Higashi Store” during various school events throughout the year. 

Our beautiful student-made ceramics!