Residential Life

Residential life includes self-care skills such as cookingResidential Life is a blend of the nurturing, comforting and caring aspects of home, complemented by a 24 - hour educational environment. While campus life at the residence is less structured than during the day, it implements the same methodologies under Daily Life Therapy® to promote generalization across all settings. The residence offers two program options, operating 304 and 365 days a year, depending on each student’s individual programming needs. Teaching self-care skills is a major focus of residential education across all age levels. Fostering quality leisure activities is a key component to residential educationAnother focus is to teach recreation and leisure skills in order to develop a broad range of interests, enabling students to participate with their siblings and other family members during visits home. Students enjoy frequent community outings, such as trips to museums, the YMCA, bowling, movies, hiking in the Blue Hills, shopping, and dining at local restaurants.

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