Our Network of Support

We offer various parent training sessions throughout the year for parents who have questions about DLT.Parent Partnership is essential for students to gain fully from their Daily Life Therapy® education by generalizing what they learn to home and community. Dr. Kitahara believed that when teachers and families collaborate, their children can reach their greatest potential. The school year was specifically structured with vacations to ensure times for family bonding and renewal. The Boston Higashi School requires active participation from parents in their child’s program. Participation includes gaining an understanding of the educational philosophy of Daily Life Therapy®, participating in workshops and individualized training sessions, maintaining two-way communication with staff, implementing strategies for behavioral self- regulation and enthusiastically supporting their child at celebratory school events which mark very special times of the year for the school family.
Family participation at Road Race
Family participation and involvement through trainings, workshops, home visits, joint activities, weekend pick-ups and longer vacations together bolster the mission to educate our students to become lifelong productive members of their families and communities. 

We offer programs for siblings (ages 6 and up) several times throughout the year. “Sibling Days” at Higashi are a wonderful opportunity for brothers or sisters (young & old) to come to Boston Higashi School to share stories and experiences of living with someone on the autism spectrum. Workshops are interactive, with topics and activities that vary based on the season. Siblings have a chance to discover strategies for behavior management, to give and obtain mutual support from one another, to see their sibling succeed in their school environment, and most importantly, to have fun!