Employment Education

Filing at a local hospitalEmployment Education provides students the opportunity to acquire and apply work skills in order to be able to hold jobs out in the community. Because work is such an important part of our adult lives, exposure to various career paths enables students to pursue endeavors that suit their interests and abilities.

Students at the Boston Higashi School begin employment education during High School, where they build a foundation for maintaining employment. Landscaping work at a local trailWe strive to ensure that all students enjoy work, have a sense of responsibility, develop work stamina, can follow directions, and are able to be flexible enough to work across a range of settings and with a variety of people. As students develop these essential skills, they are introduced to practical employment training on campus as part of their High School experience.
Clocking out at the end of a shift In the Emergence Division, students are able to secure employment education in the community for up to 20 - 30 hours per week. Upon graduation, students have a work history with a resumé, employer references, and letters of recommendation - tools that enable students to secure future employment opportunities.