Communication in the Classroom

Using smartboards enhances classroom learningBoston Higashi School uses a total communication approach employing a variety of strategies including gestures, symbols, pictures, basic sign language, spoken language and voice output devices to support the students’ communication needs. Students are encouraged to use low and high tech voice output devices, which expand expressive, receptive and social pragmatic language. Speech-language pathologists work in collaboration with classroom and residential teachers to enhance receptive, expressive and social communication throughout the day.  In addition to the wide range of visuals, all classrooms have many speech generating devices available (e.g. ipads, laptops, BIGmack switches, Communication Builders, etc.) that are programmed to support communication and enhance curricular topics.

Students use ipads to support multi-modal literacy instructionThe use of technology is embedded throughout the day to enhance academics, improve communication and provide leisure opportunities. Teachers incorporate interactive whiteboards and educational iPad applications into lessons in order to increase learning through fun and meaningful activities, while supporting communication needs. The students also participate in bi-weekly technology lessons in our computer labs that include typing, mouse skills, literacy and academic programs and leisure activities.  The integration of technology throughout the day allows our students greater access to educational, vocational and community settings.   

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