Parent Association

The Parent Association of the Boston Higashi School is a group that supports both the school, and the families of the children who attend the school. The goal is to unite all parents, and create a network of support through workshops, trainings, and active participation in the main events of the school year: Sports Day, Annual Celebration, Family Day and the Bon Dance.

We invite all parents to get involved in the Parent Association. You can do so by attending the scheduled meetings, or by contacting the PA President for more information. Please show your support by becoming involved in our many activities. Hope to see you soon! 

We love Higashi!
 President Julie Coppenrath
 Vice President Kathy Sidlauskas
 Asst. Vice Presidents Lisa & Stephen Harris
 Treasurer Mark Hausser
 Assistant Treasurer Whitney Whinnery
 Recording Secretary Jill Gichuhi
 Corresponding Secretary Christine Walker